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"Johnson Poppe is the person who we believe would most effectively and doggedly champion progressive solutions to our housing affordability crisis, our multimodal transit needs, and our regional public health and safety problems. "

- The Urbanist


Young Democrats at the

University of Washington

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National Women's Political Caucus

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“I'm proud to endorse Becka Johnson Poppe for King County Council. She will be an epic champion for the environment, equitable economic growth, and climate justice. Becka is who we need to lift up our communities and lead us forward.”

- Public Lands Commissioner, Hilary Franz


"Becka has a track record of putting progressive priorities into action. As Budget and Policy Manager for King County, she oversees half of a
$16 billion budget where she’s advanced environmental justice, mobility for all, and racial equity. I’m honored to endorse Becka for King County Council.”

- 36th Legislative District State Representative, Liz Berry

"I've worked with some exceptionally dedicated people in 22 years as an elected official. Becka has demonstrated the highest level of excellence in implementing progressive ideas at the county level. We need someone with the right experience for this job and I couldn't be more proud to support Becka Johnson Poppe."

- King County Councilmember District 8, Joe McDermott

"Becka Johnson Poppe is an accomplished public servant with experience in policy and budget management at both the University of Washington and King County. Our government is big and complex and so are our challenges. Becka knows how King County government functions and how government funding works (and doesn't work). As they say, budgets are moral documents, and Becka packs a powerful double-punch with both the values and the skills to meet our mission to serve the people of King County. If you want someone who is going to be a force on day one in office, Becka is your choice."

- King County Councilmember District 6, Claudia Balducci


"Getting to watch Becka put her progressive values to work for better public policy outcomes for our kids, the county, and for our communities future is why I am humbled to have the chance to endorse her and am excited to see her bring her skills in service on the King County Council."

- 30th Legislative District State Representative, Kristine Reeves

"I'm beyond impressed by Becka Johnson Poppe and proud to endorse her for King County Council. She knows exactly how to deliver real policies, programs, and services to the community, and her sincere commitment to environmental justice, progressive revenue, and centering the voices of marginalized communities is clear. On top of that, Becka is really smart and we need really smart people in office."

-34th Legislative District State Senator, Joe Nguyen


"I went to graduate school with Becka, and have seen her values in action. The challenges the county faces require bold, thoughtful, and experienced leadership to address the issues of homelessness, public safety, and climate change. If elected, I know she'll be a genuine public servant keeping the public's interest at the forefront."

- Former Seattle City Councilmember, Abel Pacheco

"Becka is an engaging, thoughtful, and compassionate community leader committed to improving our region and the lives of its residents."

- Former Seattle City Councilmember, Nick Licata


“I’m eager to partner with Becka when she is elected and it’s incredible to have the opportunity to endorse someone who has such an intimate understanding of how our county operates. 

Most importantly, I'm grateful that Becka decided to run because she handles every interaction with gratitude, empathy, a growth mindset, and truly leads with her values.”

- Mayor City of SeaTac, Jake Simpson

"King County needs leaders who are driven by their values and guided by their experience. I'm endorsing Becka because of her unmatched drive toward real equity for our most vulnerable residents and her deep experience in leading on our budget - the document that carves the path towards achieving that equity."

- Activist and Urban Planner, Cary Moon


"Becka is incredibly well equipped for this position."

- Celebrated leader and activist, Dr. Constance Rice

“I'm thrilled to endorse Becka for King County Council.  Becka is dedicated to creating innovative partnerships and centering community voices to take on our region's most urgent challenges. Becka set up the County's first Climate Equity Bond and knows how to expand this work to meet the scale of our environmental and racial justice challenges. I'm excited to partner with her when she is elected."

- King Conservation District Supervisor, Csenka Favorini-Csorba


"Big challenges require big solutions. Not only has Becka shown strong leadership and outreach, especially when working with traditionally underrepresented communities, she has a very strong grasp of working with our county budget. Becka is also committed to rapidly tackling the effects of climate change which is an important public health issue for all of us in King County. I believe Becka’s tenacity and negotiation skills will add an important experienced voice to county council."

- Co-Founder of Alliance for a Healthy Washington, Nicole Gomez

"Becka Johnson Poppe is an exceptional leader in our community, bringing integrity, intelligence, and a clear strategy to the region's most complex issues. Becka is utterly trustworthy and her talent for building coalitions is singular. I look forward to Becka serving on King County Council with her hallmark diligence, respect, and genuine commitment to public service."

- Community Advocate, Dorothy Bullitt

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"Becka's passion for serving our region is clear, as is her talent. She is someone who will go towards the hardest and most important problems, and bring diverse voices together to solve those problems. I'm excited to endorse Becka Johnson Poppe for King County Council and look forward to collaborating with her as fellow county councilmembers."

- Megan Dunn, Snohomish County Councilmember 

"Becka is a progressive champion for women and our non-binary neighbors. Her work to implement Paid Family & Medical Leave at the University of Washington, her mental health research at Stanford, and her extensive volunteer work prove she knows how to make a difference for women and our community as a whole.  I could not be more proud to endorse Becka Johnson Poppe for King County Council."

- Former State Representative, Emily Wicks


"I am honored to endorse Becka Johnson Poppe for King County Council. Becka is committed to advocating for issues that matter to King County's youth. Her track record and breadth of experience makes her uniquely qualified for this role. I have full confidence that Becka will hit the ground running and make our County more equitable, sustainable, and safe."

- President UW Young Democrats, Lillian Williamson

"My public policy and legislative experience was a huge asset as I started my work as a City Councilmember. Becka Johnson Poppe has that same hit-the-ground running experience that makes her an excellent choice to be our next King County Councilmember."

- Seattle City Councilmember, Lisa Herbold

“Becka’s lived values, boundless energy, longstanding commitment to community, and proven track record of professional and extracurricular successes are singular. But it's Becka’s heartfelt drive to serve our community members who live farthest from justice and equity, paired with her knowledge of how to work through challenges in complex organizations that inspires me and is exactly what I would seek in a candidate for County Council."

- Higher Education Advocate, Sarah Hall

"Becka built and nurtured a highly functioning and supportive environment at the UW that brought out the very best in her team and colleagues. She is an incredibly hard worker and creative and visionary leader whose contributions would be invaluable on the King County Council to take on the challenges we face as a region."

- Higher Education Advocate, Jed Bradley

Additional Key Endorsers Include:

Local Elected Leaders:

  • Faith Ireland Former Supreme Court Justice

  • Al O'Brien  Former State Representative, District 1

  • Michael DeBell – Former Member and President of Seattle School Board

  • Steve Sundquist - Former Seattle School Board Member, and climate advocate

  • Dean Fournier – Precinct Committee Officer, 32nd District Democrat

  • Kiana Scott, PhD  Precinct Committee Officer, 36th District Democrat

  • Penny Lipsou – Precinct Committee Officer, 36th District Democrat

  • Ben Mitchell Precinct Committee Officer, 37th District Democrat

Non-Profit and Community-Based Organization Leaders:

  • Olgy Diaz President, National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

  • Degale Cooper Chief Executive Officer, YouthCare*

  • Sandra Archibald, PhD Co-Founder of Restart Partners, and Community Leader

  • Jenée Myers Twitchell, PhD Chief Impact & Policy Officer, Washington STEM*

  • Ken Robertson Board President, YouthCare* 

  • Marti Casey Board President, Doney Coe Pet Clinic*

Small Business Owners:

  • Priya Saxena Founder + President of Equitable Future

  • Nik Palladino – Owner, Phinney Ridge Painting Company

  • Kyle Davis – Co-owner, NW Fitness Project

  • Karen Andrew – Co-Owner, Adele Salon*

Other Community Leaders:

  • Jason Bennett – Former Executive Director, Institute for a Democratic Future*

  • Chris Arkills - Transportation Advocate & Government Relations

  • Vince O'Halloran – Maritime Labor Leader

  • Derek Red Arrow Frank – Board Member, Western Environmental Law Center*

  • Liz Hall - Former Executive Director, Institute for a Democratic Future*

  • Sameer Ranade – Climate Justice Advisor

  • Jacob Thorpe – Chief of Staff and Legislative Advisor

  • Megan Smith Environmental and Climate Champion

  • Morgan Torres Sr Sustainability Mngr, Global Policy Lead Waste & Water Gov.

  • Justin Eckstein – Board Member, WA State Debate Coalition Board*

  • Frankie Torres – Net Zero Energy Homeowner

  • Terri Cole

  • Mackenzie McAninch

  • Anne Tillery

  • Carolyn ​Crosby

  • Taylor ​Knowles

  • Grant Lahmann

  • Bill Dow

  • Kelsey Knowles

  • Kevin Raymond

  • Dr. Christi Kenyon

  • Lynn Bannerman

  • Carter Bannerman

  • Marietta Crockett

  • John Risdon

  • Joe Kunzler

  • Maggie Yuse

  • Kayvon Zadeh

  • James Bush

  • Amy Avnet

  • Pat Schneider

  • Ken Anderson

  • Danielle Henty

  • Jonny Bopp

  • Kojay Pan

  • Seraphie Allen

  • Kelsey Rote

  • Mike Traylor

  • Nicole Gregory




*organizations listed for identification only

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